Halloumi - Huntsman


Halloumi is a Cypriot cheese that is made from either sheep milk or a combination of sheep and goat milk. It is a cheese that is not really aged and therefore has no rind. It is a cheese that is used for cooking. It doesn't melt when cooked and is most famous for its capability to be grilled. Its pate is bright white and its texture is elastic. Its flavor is salty and tangy. This cheese is extremely versatile and can be grated, grilled or served fresh in salads or sandwiches.

Country: Cyprus

Region: Avdhimou
Texture: Soft
Type of Milk: Sheep or a mixture of Sheep and Goat
Aging time: Less than a week
Pasteurized: Yes

Humboldt Fog

Humboldt Fog is one of the most popular goat cheeses manufactured in the United States. Made by the Cyprus Grove Chevre company, in Humboldt County, California, Humboldt Fog is soft-ripened goat cheese manufactured in small wheels that weigh about 15 ounces. It is named for the early morning fog that it typical of the area. Similar in texture to a French Bucheron, Humboldt Fog has a fairly dense pate that is bright white in color, tangy in flavor, and fairly crumbly in texture. In the center is a layer of edible ash that is reminiscent of Morbier. The ivory-colored ring just beneath the ash-covered rind is softer and creamier with a stronger flavor.

Country: USA

Region: Humboldt County, California
Type of Milk: Goat
Aging Time: 5-10 Weeks
Pasteurized: Yes


Huntsman is a cheese that is made by taking two famous English cheeses, Stilton and Double Gloucester, and combining them in layers. It is a fairly labor intensive cheese as the cheese is hand layered. The contrasting flavors and textures create a harmonious blend. The cheese is dense yet also creamy. It is salty and sharp but also nutty. It is also known as Stilchester although the name "Huntsman" is trademarked. 

Country: England

Region: Northern England
Type of Milk: Cow
Texture: Semi-Firm
Aging time: At least 9 weeks for Stilton, 36 months for Gloucester
Pasteurized: Stilton is Pasteurized, Gloucester is not