Walserstolze - Winzer


Walserstolz is  a cow milk cheese from Austria. this cheese has been made for over 600 years in the Vorarlberg Alps in western Austria. The name is derived from the German "Walser" describing the people with German dialects living in the alps, and "Stolz" meaning proud. The cows used for production live on the lush alpine pastures and are fed the natural foliage of the area. The cheeses are then manufactured in the Grosse Walsertal Biosphere Park. This cheese is rich and nutty in flavor with grassy undertones. It is a firm cheese with a dense pate that is ivory colored and has a scattering of uneven eyes. Typical to alpine cheeses, Walserstolz is manufactured in wheels of approximately 70 pounds. There are three types of Walserstolz:

  • Traditional: Aged 8 Months

  • Spicy: aged 1 year

  • Organic: Made using certified organic milk

Country: Austria

Region: Vorarlberg Alps
Texture: Firm
Type of Milk: Cow
Aging Time: At least 8 months
Pasteurized: No

Winzer Classic

Winzer Classic is an unpasteurized cow milk cheese from Switzerland. Exclusive to the cheese company, Emmi, it is produced in the artisanal way from only five dairies in Switzerland. During the maturation process, Winzer Classic is washed in red wine from the Valais region of Switzerland. This cheese was formally called Vignerons, commonly known as "winemaker's cheese". Aged for about 5 months, this cheese develops a rich and nutty flavor with a dense yet semi-soft texture. This cheese closely resembles the flavor profiles of the other mountain cheeses produced in Switzerland, such as Appenzeller and Gruyere.

Country: Switzerland

Region: Valais

Texture: Semi-Hard

Type of Milk: Cow
Aging Time: Approximately 5 months
Pasteurized: No