Bra is an Italian DOP cheese from the province of Cuneo in Piedmont. It is a semi-hard cows milk cheese. However, there are times where a little bit of goat's or sheep's milk is added. It is cylindrical in shape and ranges from semi-firm to firm texture with a pale yellow colored pate and a slightly sharp body. The younger versions of this cheese are creamier in texture and less piquant in flavor. There are two types of Bra cheese based on their aging time:

  • Bra Tenero - Aged at least 45 days
  • Bra Duro - Aged at least 6 month

Country: Italy
Region: Cuneo, Piedmont
Texture: Semi-firm to firm
Type of milk: Primarily Cow
Aging time: At least 45 days
Pasteurized: Typically unpasteurized