Buttermilk Blue

Produced by Emmi Roth in Wisconsin, Buttermilk Blue is a raw, cow milk blue cheese made from Jersey and Holstein Cows. Aged in cellars for at least 60 days, it has a creamy texture and mellow and slightly tangy flavor. The interior is ivory in color with blue-green veins dispersed throughout. It is rich but not too assertive and crumbles very easily for a creamy blue cheese. There are three styles of Buttermilk Blue:

  • Original (aged approximately 2 months)
  • Affinee (aged a minimum of 6 months)
  • Smoked Moody Blue (Smoked over Fruitwood)

Country: USA
Region: Wisconsin
Texture: Semi-Soft Blue
Type of Milk: Cow
Age Time: Minimum 60 days
Pasteurized: No