Canestrato Pugliese

Canestrato Pugliese is firm cheese that is cylindrical in shape and produced from the milk of pasture feed sheep. Its name is derived from the reed baskets (canestre) that the shepherds placed the cheese in to drain the curd and give it its shape. The paste is straw colored, with small eye formation and the rind will be golden-brown in color. It is the only DOC and DOP protected cheese from the Italian region of Apulia. The cheese is manufactured in a few town districts in the province of Bari and in the entire province of Foggia and it aged for 10-12 months. During the aging process, it treated several times with extra virgin olive oil.

Country: Italy
Region: Apulia
Texture: Hard
Type of milk: Sheep's Milk
Aging Time: 10-12 months
Pasteurized: Typically unpasteurized although both versions are produced