Caprifeuille St. Maure

Caprifeuille St. Maure is a log shaped, aged goat cheese that has a sweet and delicate taste with undertones of acid and salt. It is produced in the Loire Valley of France and has a bloomy rind with pate that is semi-soft but hardens as the cheese ages. The rind has a wrinkled appearance that provides a rustic flavor component to the cheese. The pate is dense, white and has a chalky texture when young with a fresh and tangy flavor. After the cheese matures, the pate will become less moist and crumbly with a sharper and nuttier flavor.

Country: France
Region: Loire Valley
Texture: Bloomy-Rind
Type of Milk: Goat
Aging Time: At Least 10 Days
Pasteurized: Typically unpasteurized although both versions are produced