Fromage D'Affinois is a bloomy rind cow's milk cheese that is similar in appearance to Brie. It is arguably the most famous item manufactured by the Guilloteau creamery. A major difference with this cheese and Brie fall into the cheese making process. Fromage D'Affinois is produced using ultra-filtration, a process that separates the water from pasteurized milk, concentrating all of the other components. This makes the cheese making process much faster than the process of a typical Brie and creates a much creamier and silkier texture. Many people consider it a triple-crème based on its flavor and consistency, although the fat content technically make is a double-crème. It has a sweetness to its flavor with rustic undertones that make it a very desirable cheese.

Country: France
Region: Rhone-Alps
Texture: Bloomy Rind
Type of Milk: Cow
Aging Time: Approximately 2 weeks
Pasteurized: Yes