Edam is a cow’s milk cheese named after the town of Edam in the Netherlands.  It has a mild taste that is slightly salty and nutty with an ivory colored interior. Edam is recognizable in that its shape is sold in spheres with a coating of red or yellow wax. While it is similar to a younger version of Gouda, the major difference between the two is that Edam has a lower fat content. Edam has a fat content of 40% while Gouda has a fat content of 48%. This cheese was originally manufactured in its ball shapes because it stacked well for export. All exported Edam cheeses are coated with wax. The cheese that is sold domestically is rarely coated with wax with the exception of tourist season. The Edam wheels that are aged for at least 17 weeks are coated with black wax.

Country: Holland

Region: Edam-Volendam

Texture: Semi-Firm

Type of Milk: Cow

Aging Time: At least 1 month

Pasteurized: Yes