This is an AOC French cows milk cheese from Northeastern France. The cheese is made under different names on either side of the Vosges Mountains. In Alsace, on the eastern side of the mountains it is called Munster. In Lorraine, on the western side of the mountain it is known as Gerome. Munster received its AOC certification in 1969 but in 1978, the AOC Munster-Gerome united the two cheeses. This cheese has absolutely no resemblance to the generic, American version of the cheese Muenster. The French version is a very highly aromatic cheese with a sticky, red colored rind. The pate is smooth and creamy the cheeses full and rich flavor is attributed to the baryardy, grassy, and herbaceous aroma generated from the brine rubbed rind. The milk used to make Munster comes from the Vosgiennes cows, a breed that was imported from Scandinavia in the 18th century.

Country: France

Region: Alsace (North Eastern France)
Texture: Soft
Type of Milk: Cow
Aging Time: 2-3 Months
Pasteurized: By law in the US but not in most of Europe