Gorgonzola is a DOC Italian blue cheese from the designated areas of Piedmont and Lombardy. It used to be made from unpasteurized cows milk, but is now made primarily from pasteurized milk and the mold Peniccilium Glaucum is added to create the distinguishable blueish green veins. Its flavor is rich and buttery with the typical sharp characteristics of blue cheese. The pate has a straw color and with highly aromatic aroma. The cheeses are matured naturally in rock caves and can be used both as a table cheese and as an ingredient. At the end of production, each cylindrical form is wrapped in tin foil and marked with a lower case "g". It is Italy's most famous blue cheese and classified into two different categories according to age:

  • "Gorgonzola Dolce" - aged 2-3 months with a more mild flavor and a creamy texture. Dolce in Italian means sweet.
  • "Mountain Gorgonzola" - Aged 3-6 months with a more piquant flavor and crumbly texture.


Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont & Lombardy
Texture: Soft to Semi-soft Blue
Type of Milk: Cow
Aging Time: 2-6 Months
Pasteurized: Both versions are available