Idiazabal is an unpasteurized, smoked sheep's milk cheese that comes from the Basque country in Spain. The milk for this cheese comes only from the Lacha breed of sheep. It is aged for two to five months and smoked for a distinct flavor. The smoking process of this cheese was discovered by chance by the Basque shepherds who stored the cheeses in their huts. During the cold months, the smoke from the fires in fireplaces circulated throughout the huts andeventually permeated the cheese, giving it a new flavor that the shepherds preferred. The cheeses manufactured are smoked with white beam, cherry wood, or oak. This Spanish cheese has a rich, buttery and nutty flavor with undertones of smoke and acid.

Country: Spain

Region: Basque Country
Texture: Firm
Type of Milk: Sheep
Aging Time: 2-5 Months
Pasteurized: No