Manouri / Manoypi

Manouri is a PDO, semi-soft, fresh cheese that is made from drained whey, leftover from the production of feta cheese. It is then enriched with cream. It is a Greek cheese that is produced in Central and Western Macedonia and in Thessalia. Produced in logs, this cheese is bright white in appearance with a dense and grainy texture. Its flavor is similar to feta but it is not as salty. It is soft, rich and milky with citrus undertones. Manouri is traditionally used in the Greek dish Spanikopita and also named Manoypi.

Country: Greece
Region: Macedonia and in Thessalia
Texture: Semi-Soft
Type of Milk: Sheep, or a mixture of Sheep and Goat
Aging time: 3 Months
Pasteurized: Both versions are available