Moliterno is an Italian cheese named after the town where it originates in the southern region of Basilicata.  Most commonly known as a sheep cheese, it is also frequently made by blending a small percentage (10-30%) of goat’s milk. The cheese is formed in a basket for about 24 hours and left to age. While it is aging, the Moliterno is rubbed with olive oil to retain its moisture. The pate is firm and crumbles with a rich golden color. Its aroma is a balance of rustic and sweet fragrances. Its flavor is rich and salty with a strong bite. There are thee thee classifications of this cheese that are determined based on its maturity:

  • "Primative" - aged 2-6 months
  • "Mature" - aged at least 6 months
  • "Extra" - aged at least 1 year

Country: Italy
Region: Basilicata
Type of Milk: Sheep or Sheep and Goat
Texture: Hard
Aging Time: at least 2 months
Pasteurized: Yes