Montasio is an Italian DOP cows milk cheese. It is a cooked, semi-hard cheese that is cylindrical in shape. An entire wheel is this cheese weighs approximately 14-15 lbs and it is 2-3 inches high. The cheeses was first produced in the 13th Century by Benedictine monks. Under current DOP laws, Montasio may only be produced within the geographical area of Friuli, Venetia Giulia, and the Veneto provinces of Belluno, and Treviso, together with parts of Padua and Venice. It is a mountain cheese that has a full nutty and slightly sweet flavor and a dense texture. It is typically a table cheese but can also be used for grating with the more mature varieties. There are three different types of Montasio:

  • "Fresco" - aged 2 months with a mild flavor
  • "Mezzano" - aged 5 to 10 months with a more powerful flavor
  • "Stravecchio" - aged over 10 months with a more nutty flavor and firmer texture

Country: Italy
Region: Northeastern Italy
Texture: Semi-Soft to Semi-Firm
Type of Milk: Cow
Aging Time: At least 2 months
Pasteurized: No