Monte Veronese

Monte Veronese is an Italian DOC cow's milk cheese. Produced in the Lessini mountainous area above Verona, this is a semi-firm cylindrical shaped cheese that can be made either with whole or partially skimmed milk, depending on its variety. Its pate is straw colored, its flavor is somewhat sweet and nutty, and its texture is rich and becomes denser with age. Monte Veronese is used as both a table and grating cheese.

There are two classifications of this cheese that are determined based on its maturity:

  • Fresco - Aged less than 60 days, made with whole milk and not found in the United States
  • D'Allevio - Aged at least 60 days and made with partially skimmed milk

Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Texture: Semi-Soft to Semi-Hard
Type of Milk: Cow
Aging Time: At least 30 days
Pasteurized: No