Mozzarella is an Italian pasta-filata cheese that originated in the southern region of Campania. However, now production of this cheese is made throughout the world and the word “Mozzarella” is now more a generic name for this type of cheese. The cheese is made by cutting the curds into small pieces and adding hot water to heat the cheese so that it develops a consistency that is elastic. The cheese maker will stretch and kneeds the cheese so that it reaches a proper texture and is formed into balls. The name is derived from this process using the word “mozzare” which means “to cut”.  Authentic mozzarella uses the milk from water buffalo and is a DOC for the region in Campania. Technically, the Mozzarella made from cow’s milk should be called “fior di latte” (milk of the flower). Both are soft, fresh, cheeses that are white in color and elastic in texture. It has an extremely creamy and milky flavor that is mild and suitable for cooking. There are also versions of this cheese that are smoked.

Country: Italy
Region: Campania and now throughout
Texture: Soft
Type of Milk: Cow or Water Buffalo
Aging time: None
Pasteurized: Yes