Parrano is a cow's milk Gouda style cheese from produced in the Netherlands. Made exclusively by one of the largest Dutch cheese companies, Uniekaas,  it is a firm cheese with a golden colored pate. Its flavor is somewhat mild and nutty with salty undertones and is marketed as a Dutch cheese with Italian influences. It is described as a balance between Gouda and Parmesan. There are three clasifications of this cheese:

  • Parrano Originale – Aged for 5 months
  • Parrano Robusto – Aged for 9 months
  • Parrano Olifesta – Aged for 5 months and blended with sun-dried tomatoes, Italian herbs, and olive oil

Parrano Originale is the most common version found in the United States.

Country: Holland
Region: Northern Holland
Texture: Firm
Type of Milk: Cow
Aging Time: At least 5 months
Pasteurized: Yes