Pecorino Romano

Most famously known as a grating cheese, Pecorino Romano is a DOP sheep milk cheese comes from the provinces of Lazio and Sardinia. It was originally produced only in the Italian region of Lazio, the area surrounding and including the city of Rome. In 1884, the Italian Government issued a restriction on the salting of cheese inside shops in Rome, and many producers were forced to move to the island of Sardinia. When the restriction was lifted, the producers remained but the milk sourced for the cheese is exclusive to the two regions and a small portion of southern Tuscany. Made from pasteurized sheep milk and aged for at least 8 months, this cheese develops a very hard texture with a salty flavor. One of the most popular cheeses in Italy, Pecorino Romano is a classic ingredient for many Italian pasta dishes, particularly those from the Roman region in Italy.

Country: Italy

Region: Sardinia, Lazio, & Province of Grosseto in Tuscany

Texture: Hard

Type of Milk: Sheep

Aging time: 8 months

Pasteurized: Yes