Primo Sale

Primo Sale is an Italian, sheep milk cheese primarily produced in the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. The name itself literally means “first salt” and is used to describe early stages of maturation.  In the Belice Valley in Sicily, before the cheese is salted and taken right out of the mould, the cheese is called “Tuma”. After its first salting, it is called “Primo Sale”. After it is aged, it is referred to as “Vastedda”. Because the cheese is young, it has a bright white colored pate and milky in flavor. It is a rindless cheese that is semi-soft in texture. This cheese is typically made plain or flavored with black or red peppercorns.

Country: Italy
Region: Sicily and Sardinia
Texture: Semi-Soft
Type of Milk: Sheep
Aging time: Around 30 days
Pasteurized: Yes