Provolone is an Italian pasta-filata cows milk cheese. It originated in the southern region of Basilicata but is now produced all throughout the country. It is produced in a pasta-filata process, similar to mozzarella. The curd is heated us using hot water until it becomes stringy and then formed into its distinguishable shape. It is then dipped in brine, coated in wax, and hung to age. The solid pate has a straw color that becomes darker as it ages. There are three different types of Provolone:

  • "Dolce" - Aged approximately 6 months with a mild and buttery flavor
  • "Piccante" - Aged approximately 1 year with a firmer texture and a much sharper and spicier flavor
  • "Affumicato" - Lightly smoked for about a week, then aged for a further three months.

Country: Italy
Region: Produced country-wide
Texture: Semi-firm
Type of Milk: Cow
Aging Time: At least 6 months
Pasteurized: Yes