Queso de Cabra

Queso de Cabra is a pasteurized Spanish table cheese made from goat's milk. Aged for approximately 1 month, this cheese has an ivory colored pate and a semi firm texture. While it is made with goat milk, it does not have the tangy flavor characteristics that most people associate with goat cheese. Instead its flavor it more woodsy with undertones of hazelnuts and almonds. This cheese possesses a herringbone weave pattern on its orange rind which is typically associated with Spanish cheeses and more specifically Manchego. Manufactured by the Rocinante Company in Spain, it is commonly known as simply "Queso de Cabra" or "Puro de Cabra". Rocinante is one of the more popular companies in America. There are three varieties of this cheese:

  • Queso de Cabra Puro - Aged 1 Month
  • Queso de Cabra al Vino - Aged 1 Month and washed in Red Wine
  • Queso de Cabra al Romero - Aged 4 Months and covered in Rosemary

Country: Spain
Region: Castile-La Mancha
Texture: Semi-firm
Type of Milk: Goat
Aging Time: At least 30 Days
Pasteurized: Yes