Saint Nectaire

St. Nectaire is an AOC, cows milk cheese made in the Auvergne region in France.  It is a pressed, uncooked cheese, using Salers cattle, the same source of milk as Cantal. What is interesting about this cheese is its name.  There was no Saint Nectaire. Its name s derived from the Marechal of Sennecterre who served this cheese at the table of Louis XIV. Over time, the cheese developed its name “Saint Nectaire”.  The cheese is aged for 8-10 weeks in damp cellars sitting on top of rye straw. This aging process attributes greatly to its earthy and musty aroma. Its pate is semi-firm and ivory colored with a creamy texture and a nutty flavor that is rustic and mushroomy.  

Country: France
Region: Auvergne
Type of milk: Cows
Texture: Semi-Firm
Aging Time: 8-10 weeks
Pasteurized: Both versions are available