Zamorano is a PDO sheep milk cheese from the Zamora region in Spain. Made from unpasteurized milk, the cheese is typically aged for about 6 months and rubbed with olive oil during the aging process. It has a rich and nutty flavor with sweet undertones and has a strong resemblance to Manchego in its shape and appearance. In fact, before its PDO designation, many people called this cheese a version of Manchego. The major reason for its DOP declaration was to distinguish the differences between the cheeses. Manchego comes from the south east region of Castile-Lamancha and is made using Manchega sheep milk. Zamorano, on the other hand, comes from the north-west region and is used from Churra and Castellana sheep. It has an ivory colored paste that darkens with age and has a firm texture.

Country: Spain

Region: Castile-Leon
Texture: Firm
Type of Milk: Sheep
Aging Time: At least 3 months
Pasteurized: No