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Mahon Semi-Curado

Country: Spain
Region: Minorca
Texture: Semi-Soft to firm
Aging time: 10 days to 1 year
Pasteurized: Both versions are available

Mahon is a DO cows milk cheese from the island of Minorca in Spain. It is one of the few cheeses produced in Spain that uses cows milk. The milk is sourced twice a day and only between the months of September and June. Mahon is a pressed cheese that has continued to retain its original shape, square with rounded edges and a recognizable orange colored rind that darkens as it ages. Its flavor is nutty and rich with slight undertones of acid and become more complex as the cheese ages. Its pate ranges from a pale white color to a darker straw color. There are four classifications of this cheese that are determined based on its maturity:

1) Fresco - aged within 10 days
2) Semi-Curado - aged at least 2 months
3) Curado - aged 6-10 months
4) Viejo or Anejo - aged approximately 1 year - A website devoted to cheese education
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