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Pierre Robert


Country: France
Region: Ile-de-France
Texture: Semi-Soft Bloomy Rind
Type of Milk: Cow
Aging Time: About 3 weeks
Pasteurized: Yes

Pierre Robert is a French triple-crème style cows milk cheese. It is a pasteurized cheese that is enriched with cream with a white, velvety and pillowy rind.  This cheese was invented by Brillat-Savarin cheesemakers, Robert Rouzaire and his friend Pierre. Made in small, 1 pound wheels, this cheese is aged for three weeks, resulting in a rich, buttery flavor that is smooth, mild, and slightly tangy. Its pate is soft yet dense and similar to the texture of La Tur, Rochetta, and Camilla. Because of its mild and buttery flavor, it is a cheese that is paired well with Champagne. - A website devoted to cheese education
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