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French Raclette

Country: France and Switzerland
Region: French and Swiss Alps
Texture: Semi-Soft
Type of Milk: Cow
Aging time: At least 8 weeks.
Pasteurized: Both versions are available

Raclette is a highly aromatic cows milk cheese and is famously known as a great coking cheese. It is a semi soft cheese that is made in wheels that are approximately three inches high and 15 inches in diameter. Its pate is straw colored and creamy. Its rind is sticky and fragrant. Its flavor is nutty and earthy. It is produced both in the French and Swiss Alps and is similar in flavor and texture as Moriber and Fontina. Because it is a great cooking cheese, Raclette is typically melted into dishes. In fact, its name derives from racler, meaning to scrape. Traditionally, the cheese is cut and heated so that it can be scraped off and mixed with potatoes, vegetables, onions and sometimes meat. 


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